Avengers 5 To Be Set In Outer Space?


Even though we still have 5 more movies left of Phase Three – including Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel – fans are already eager to find out what the next stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will consist of. With the ongoing plotline of the threat of Thanos set to be wrapped up soon, there were fears that the franchise might be ending. However, it’s recently become apparent that that’s absolutely not the case. Far from it, in fact, as there’s a lot of life left in the MCU yet.

Granted, we don’t know too much about what Kevin Feige and co. have planned for us beyond Avengers 4 at the moment, but it’s no secret that Marvel is looking to expand the cosmic side of their universe and start exploring new worlds, with the plan being to leave Earth behind once Thanos is out of the way. That’s something which was re-iterated just this weekend, when Feige appeared at a CCXP panel in Sao Paulo.

The super producer was asked if the future of the MCU would be in space, and he teased that if Iron Man and co. survive their battle with the Mad Titan, then yes, we’ll see them head into the cosmos.

“If the Avengers survive, we will see more films with them in space. I love and would like to see more films in space.”

While Feige keeps it vague here, and understandably so, the implication is clear. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading into space and any future Avengers films will see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes leaving their planet behind. That doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t ever see the gang step foot on Earth again, just that future projects will be heavily set in space, with the main threat taking place up in the stars.

This makes a lot of sense, too. As mentioned above, the studio’s been planting seeds for this side of their cinematic universe for a while now and with teases of characters like Adam Warlock, it looks like the franchise is finally ready to expand in some pretty major ways. Not to mention that once Disney owns Fox, they’ll get their hands on Galactus, Silver Surfer and more, allowing them to really dive into the cosmic stuff post-Avengers 4.