Avengers: Endgame Theory May Explain How Deadpool Enters The MCU


Ever since the merger between Fox and Disney was announced, fans have been beside themselves with excitement to see a fresh set of Marvel heroes joining the MCU. First on the list is Deadpool, who already has his own successful franchise to back him up as a major addition to the roster. And a new fan theory offers an intriguing explanation for how the Merc with a Mouth winds up in the Avengers’ universe.

If you’ll recall, in Deadpool 2, Cable uses a small handheld device from the future to travel through time. The device is somewhat similar to the technology Tony Stark developed in Endgame to hop between different time periods. The theory posits that, in the future, Cable digs through the Avengers’ headquarters that Thanos turned into rubble and finds the device, using it to embark on his adventures.

Here’s how the Reddit user puts it:

In the future, Cable discovers the device buried underneath the old Avengers compound after Thanos blew it up and modified the bracelet for himself to bring his family back.

It’s this time-traveling device that could be the key to having Deadpool wind up in the MCU’s timeline. However, there’s still the issue of DP’s pal Cable looking suspiciously similar to the franchise’s greatest villain. But the Merc is probably the one hero who’s meta enough for him to make a crack about Thanos, Cable, and the Fox and Disney merger and be done with it, and have the audience accept it all without question.

A bigger concern for fans would be whether Deadpool would have to conform to the MCU’s PG-13 sensibilities in order to get to play in their sandbox. But at least for now, it has been said that the immortal assassin will continue to go on R-rated adventures even after being brought under the Disney umbrella. How having a meta character who constantly spews swear words and breaks the fourth wall to point out the ridiculousness of superhero genre cliches will affect the rest of the MCU remains to be seen, of course, but we’re certainly looking forward to finding out.