Deadpool 3 Writers Say Marvel’s Promised Them An R-Rating

Deadpool 2

Though it’s up in the air exactly what Marvel Studios will do with the X-Men and the Fantastic Four now that they’ve got the rights from Fox, it’s a surefire bet that they’ll simply continue on with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, after all.

However, there’s been a lot of chatter about Disney imposing a PG-13 rating on the Merc with a Mouth to make him more Mouse House-friendly. According to Deadpool screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, though, the exact opposite is true.

While speaking to EW, Wernick commented that Marvel have promised the writers that they’ll have an R-rating to play with in Deadpool 3 and beyond. What’s more, the pair hope to be able to get stuck into the MCU sandbox as well, saying:

“I think the party line and truth is we’re all still figuring it out. Marvel has promised to continue to let us play in the R-rated Deadpool universe, and the hope is that they will also let us veer into the MCU a little bit as well and play in that sandbox.”

Despite those rumors of a PG-13 rating, both Disney CEO Bob Iger and Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige have commented that they wouldn’t want to mess with Deadpool and are happy to produce R-rated Marvel movies. In fact, DP3 might not even be the first MCU film for mature audiences, as it’s possible Mahershala Ali’s Blade could beat it to the punch.

From what we’ve heard, DP is likely to make his MCU debut in a post-credits scene for another hero’s movie, potentially one coming out in 2021. Reynolds could also be joined in his new home by Zazie Beetz, who expects to return as Domino, and Josh Brolin, who’s already talked with Marvel about swapping Thanos for Cable.

It might not be happening immediately, but when Deadpool 3 does eventually arrive, it at least sounds like it’ll include everything fans could ask for.