Zazie Beetz Teases A Potential Return As Domino For Deadpool 3

Deadpool 2

The Merc With a Mouth has been strangely quiet following last year’s smash-hit Deadpool 2.

It largely boils down to Disney’s historic acquisition of 20th Century Fox and its precious assets – X-Men and Fantastic Four included – which will no doubt be included in future installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When, exactly, we can expect to see a Marvel Studios-produced Deadpool movie is another question entirely – for the moment, Kevin Feige and Co. appear to be focused on Blade, which will star Mahershala Ali as the famous Daywalker. But Feige has hinted at future plans for Deadpool 3, indicating that there’s still space on the Marvel roster for Wade Wilson, Domino, and Josh Brolin’s Cable.

Speaking of Domino, actress Zazie Beetz was recently asked if she’d be surprised that her appearance as Domino was a one-and-done gig, to which she replied, ‘yes’. This may or may not indicate that she knows something – anything! – about the character’s future (or lack thereof) now that Disney has acquired 20th Century Fox.

That tidbit comes to us by way of The Hollywood Reporter, who spoke to Beetz about a key scene in the newly-released Joker movie. With regards to Deadpool 3, though, it’s impossible to know for sure whether Beetz actually knows anything, or if she’s simply hoping to reprise the role of Domino in the future. Let’s not forget that there was chatter of a possible X-Force ensemble movie long before the Mouse House made its lucrative purchase, so there’s still plenty of story left to tell.

Meanwhile, Zazie Beetz is now starring in Joker, which continues to be a force at the domestic box office, having just set a new Monday record for the month of October.