First Look At Avengers: Endgame Deleted Scene Of Tony In The Afterlife

Iron Man

At 181 minutes long, you wouldn’t think that Avengers: Endgame, Marvel’s epic conclusion to Phase Three of the MCU, had any deleted scenes. But pretty much every film does and now, another one from Endgame has been revealed, and it only makes the pic’s most tragic death even harder to swallow.

If you’ll recall, 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford was cast in a mysterious role in Endgame last year, though she was nowhere to be seen in the final cut of the movie. A lot of people thought she could’ve been playing Kate Bishop, but the Russo Brothers have since put paid to that idea, explaining earlier this year that she was actually cast as an older version of Morgan, Tony’s daughter, in a deleted scene that saw Stark visit the afterlife.

Here’s what the directors had to share about it:

“There was an idea that we had that Tony was going to go into the metaphysical way station that Thanos goes in when he snapped his fingers. And that there was going to be a future version of his daughter in that way station,” stated Joe Russo. “The intention was that his future daughter–because these films are dealing with magic–forgave him and sort of gave him peace to go. And the idea felt resonant. But it was just too many ideas in an overly complicated movie.”

Fair enough, and while this scene hasn’t surfaced online yet and was absent from the Blu-ray release, a few screenshots of it have now made their way onto the web, and you can see them for yourself down in the gallery below.

These come from Disney Plus of all places, which apparently features the scene in full. And given that the streaming service launches tomorrow, it’s only a matter of hours now before we get to watch it for ourselves.

Whether it’ll add much to the overall narrative will likely depend on personal preference, but regardless, it’ll be nice to see some new Avengers: Endgame footage. Especially if it gives us more of Robert Downey Jr. in his career-defining role. And who knows? There may even be some additional deleted scenes from the film hidden on Disney Plus that folks have yet to discover.