The Original Six Avengers Assemble In New Endgame Promo Art


With Avengers: Endgame less than four months away from release, the leaks have started coming thick and fast for the film’s promotional artwork and tie-in merchandise. Just take this new image, which was recently shared as one of many Endgame-related uploads on the lego__avengers Instagram, and shows the original line-up from 2012’s The Avengers back together.

At the very top, we have Captain America, whose potential departure at the end of the upcoming Infinity War sequel has been the subject of speculation, debate, and morbid fan art all year. The same can be said of his friend Iron Man, though we’re probably safe in assuming that he’ll at least find a way of surviving the gloomy drift through space that the film’s trailer teased.

Next in the rundown is Black Widow – a character we know to have a future in the franchise, if only in the form of a standalone prequel. The future of Thor, meanwhile, feels a lot less certain, though hopefully he’ll find a way of making up for his famous blunder before he departs from the series. Hulk and Hawkeye, on the other hand, only have to make up for a relative lack of screen time in Infinity War, with Clint Barton in particular looking due for a triumphant comeback in his new Ronin guise.

From the look of things, the marketing for next year’s release will be putting a lot of emphasis on the original six Avengers, bringing the action full circle to the team’s first outing. That being said, a good proportion of the promotional imagery also alludes heavily to their old foe Thanos, be it through pictures of the Mad Titan himself, or just the odd bit of purple-tinted lettering.

At the same time, you may notice that the victims of Thanos’ snap are tellingly absent from the marketing material, but we’ll likely be seeing plenty of those dusted heroes once more when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters in April.

Source: Instagram