The Avengers: Endgame Trailer May Tease A Return For Peggy Carter


There was a lot of nostalgia for the history of the MCU in the latest Avengers: Endgame trailer that arrived today. The whole first minute focused on serving up flashbacks to each of the big three’s origins movies – Iron Man, Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor. Noticeably, though, there were two key references to the other two installments in Cap’s trilogy as well, through the use of a voiceover from Peggy Carter in The Winter Soldier and a clip from her funeral in Civil War.

“The world has changed. None of us can go back,” we hear Peggy say. “All we can do is our best and sometimes the best we can do is to start over.” This comes from Steve’s visit to the ailing Peggy in his first sequel. It was originally about how lost he felt in the 21st century but it also taps into the themes of loss and devastation in Endgame.

But was enhancing the mood really all this Peggy quote was used for? After all, this isn’t the first time that Steve Rogers’ one true love – yeah, sorry not sorry, Sharon – has been referenced in the Endgame marketing. The first trailer saw Cap take a look at her picture in his compass, which he’s had since the 1940s. Marvel seems to be very keen for the audience to remember Peggy’s importance in Steve’s life, don’t they?

So, could this tell us that we can expect a return for the character in the movie? Well, Hayley Atwell, who hasn’t been seen in the MCU since Agent Carter was cancelled in 2016, did post on social media that she was in Georgia back in October 2017, which would have been near the beginning of filming on Endgame. However, since then she’s denied that she has any Marvel appearances on the horizon.

Then again, any MCU star – except maybe Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland – knows how to lie to avoid spoilers, so who knows what the truth is? In any case, we’ll find out soon enough, as Avengers: Endgame arrives on April 26th.