Here’s What The Avengers: Endgame Re-Release Post-Credits Scene Might Be


Having released a little over a month ago, it’s safe to say the hype and excitement surrounding Avengers: Endgame has begun to slow down a bit. Its box office performance has come to a crawl, and with it heading to Blu-Ray and digital streaming platforms soon, it looks like most fans have turned their attention towards Spider-Man: Far From Home. 

Still, it seems Disney and Marvel haven’t entirely called it quits on their biggest release to date. As we previously reported, Endgame is heading back to theaters with deleted footage and what some are speculating to be a post-credits scene. Needless to say, there’s been a lot of chatter about what the new cut will look like, and the fine folks over at have come up with a few possibilities for what may be shown once the credits have rolled, which we’ve outlined below.

  • Phase 4 – Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has already announced a reveal is on its way, so there’s always a chance that a new post-credits scene could shed some light on the next phase of the MCU.
  • Black Widow teaser – Even though it’s currently filming, it could be that there’s been enough footage shot to piece together a sizzle reel of sorts.
  • Eternals first look – We’re doubtful on this one (since filming doesn’t start for a few months), but crazier things have happened.
  • Shang-Chi teaser – Similarly, this next MCU film hasn’t even started filming, and there’s no cast list in sight. That being said, there’s always the chance that Marvel will make an announcement in Endgame‘s post-credits scene.
  • Ironheart – We’ve heard rumors that Disney plans to make Riri Williams the next Iron Man, which they could announce with a new cut of Endgame.
  • Disney Plus sneak peek – There are plenty of shows headed to Disney Plus, which means a trailer could be making its debut soon.

Whatever the new footage ends up being, we’re certainly excited to see what Marvel will include in the new theatrical cut for Avengers: Endgame and we’ll find out very soon, as it’s expected to begin its rollout into theaters next weekend.

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