Avengers: Endgame Actor Says The Film Is Beyond Epic

Rocket Groot MCU

The stage is set for Avengers: Endgame to blow the world’s collective socks off when it finally lands in cinemas later this month. After Avengers: Infinity War exceeded all expectations, the marketing for Endgame has been spot-on and the film really looks like it’ll operate an totally different level of stakes than we’ve ever seen before, even in a franchise that regularly deals with universal peril like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In fact, according to star Sean Gunn, even the word “epic” is too small to describe it. ComicBook.com caught up with the actor and asked what he could tease about the movie, and the best description he came up with was that it’ll be “something else entirely.”

“I feel like the word epic is so played out. I wish that word wasn’t used so often because that’s really the word. It is going to be, let’s just say it’s going to be something else entirely.”

Gunn’s most recognizable to fans as Kraglin, Yondu’s first mate in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Those who know their stuff though will be familiar with the fact that he also provides the motion capture performance for Rocket on-set, while Bradley Cooper fills in the voice in post-production. Gunn was initially enlisted in this role by his brother, director James Gunn, and he revealed to CB that he’s blown away by getting to be a part of Endgame. 

“It was an amazing experience for me. You know, having done Rocket for those two movies [Guardians 1 and 2], I never imagined that it would go beyond. You know, I always sort of thought that a lot of my role as Rocket was being a help to the process for my brother.”

He then went on to tell the tale of how Marvel president Kevin Feige offered him a part in the production behind the scenes at Comic-Con one year.

“So when Kevin Feige came to me at Comic-Con a few years ago and he pulled me aside and he said, ‘Listen, we’ve been talking and we really, we want Rocket to be as great in the Avengers movies as he is in the Guardians movies, so we really need you to do this. I was not expecting that, but I was certainly game to do it. Then being on set with all these new groups of people and new directors and just part of such a massive experience is something that I will never, you know, I’ll never recreate it in my career.”

Going into Endgame, Rocket is one of only two Guardians – if Nebula even counts – who survived the Snap. The trash panda did a lot of growing in Infinity War, too, and it seems like he’s matured enough in this movie to properly join forces with the Avengers in doing the heroic, selfless thing of stopping Thanos.

After this, Gunn will presumably return as both Rocket and Kraglin in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, expected to shoot in 2021. But first, Avengers: Endgame blasts onto theater screens on April 26th.