Don’t Expect The IMAX Aspect Ratio To Be Featured On Avengers: Infinity War’s Blu-Ray


Watching Avengers: Infinity War on screen for the very first time was a special experience that’ll likely stay with Marvel fans for a while.

Such a feeling of wonderment and child-like awe was only enhanced by IMAX, but those hoping that the super-sized aspect ratio would carry over onto Blu-ray will be disappointed to learn that Infinity War‘s home video release will be presented in the 2.39:1 aspect ratio as standard, and not the 1.43:1 ratio associated with IMAX.

MCU Cosmic spotted the small, yet significant detail on Amazon’s official listing, essentially confirming that, yes, Avengers: Infinity War‘s Blu-ray will have those signature black bars running along the top and bottom. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight is an example of a film that switches between IMAX and standard aspect ratio even on Blu-ray. Though sadly that’s not the case for Infinity War:

It’s not all that surprising, of course; Disney isn’t big on IMAX aspect ratios on Blu-ray, with the only real exception being select 3D copies of Captain America: Civil War.

Here’s the official word from Marvel concerning its home video plans for Avengers: Infinity War:

The Multi-Screen Edition includes a Blu-ray and a Digital Copy of the film, giving viewers the flexibility to watch the film on different devices. Those with 4K Ultra HD capability may opt for a 4K Cinematic Universe Edition, which includes a 4K Ultra HD disc, a Blu-ray, and a Digital Copy.

And it all begins on July 31st, when Avengers: Infinity War hits digital platforms. Two weeks later, Marvel’s biggest ever movie will grace Blu-ray and DVD replete with scores of bonus features – not to mention 10 minutes’ worth of deleted scenes.