Avengers: Infinity War Toy Teases Mystery Weapon For Captain America


Of all the character developments set to go down during Avengers: Infinity War (see: Peter Parker’s Iron Spider suit and the Model-Prime armor), the one involving Steve Rogers has arguably caused the most debate online.

That’s because the man once known as Captain America (AKA the Sentinel of Liberty) is currently in the midst of an identity crisis, one triggered by the calamitous events of Civil War. Disillusioned with the government and his former allies, Steve slips off the radar to become Nomad.

For the uninitiated, Nomad is a superhero moniker that Rogers has gone by on a few occasions in the comics. Initially, it was used by him when he lost faith in what the United States stood for and so rebranded himself as a man without a home country. In Infinity War, something similar has happened to the character, as we know that he’s been traveling the world with his allies and undertaking secret hero missions without bringing attention to himself.

Of course, along with that transition comes a brand new appearance – and some new gear – and thanks to Hot Toys’ latest action figure, we’ve now got an incredibly detailed look at the fan favorite hero.

What’s perhaps most interesting here is that tease of a mystery weapon. It’s hard to say what it may be, but some are speculating that Rogers could end up with his classic red, white and blue shield at some point. Or perhaps even the Infinity Gauntlet if he’s able to grab it from Thanos. Chalk that up as speculation for now, but we’re certainly intrigued to see what Cap ends up wielding. Aside from his new shield, of course.

Speaking of which, it’s a pretty big upgrade for the star-spangled patriot, from what we can tell, and the fact that Joe and Anthony Russo have chosen dual-wielding shields emphasizes his character change – from a straight-laced Avenger to a lone warrior disillusioned by the corruption gnawing away at the heart of America. And for that reason, Steve Rogers will be “embracing the spirit” of Nomad in just a few more weeks, when Avengers: Infinity War crashes into theaters on April 27th.