Team Cap To Become The Secret Avengers In Infinity War?


Our first look at Avengers: Infinity War arrived a week ago now, but it’s stuffed full of so many exciting, thrilling moments that fans are still unpacking it for new information about the much anticipated Marvel movie event. On top of teases of Loki’s storylineseveral deaths and Thanos’ motivations, something else that may be hidden in the teaser is a hint at a new off-shoot of the main Avengers team.

As fans will remember, Captain America: Civil War saw Steve Rogers free his friends from the Raft underwater prison, with the promise that the heroes would lie low as fugitives. In the trailer for Infinity War, we got a glimpse at how Team Cap have stayed out of the limelight, with Steve now rocking a beard and operating as Nomad and Black Widow going blonde to remain incognito. However, when Thanos attacks Earth, Team Cap will come out of the woodwork and help defend their planet once again.

But does this squad of heroes have a comic book connection, as well? For instance, could they be an MCU version of the Secret Avengers? They certainly have the same beginnings. In the comics, in the fallout of the “Civil War” event, Rogers led a covert team of heroes on black ops-style missions, in contrast to the main Avengers’ public outings. The comics team also included Black Widow, Hawkeye and Winter Soldier at different times.

So, has this team been in effect for the past year of the MCU, hiding in the shadows? Alternatively, if the Secret Avengers aren’t officially a thing at the beginning of Infinity War, they might be by the end of it. The trailer revealed that Tony contacts Steve on the burner phone he gave him back in Civil War, proving that Stark is willing to call on his old friends when needed.

Maybe he’ll commission Cap’s team to continue operating discreetly going forward, too. A Secret Avengers movie would certainly make a nice addition to those 20 films coming up in the MCU, don’t you think?

Avengers: Infinity War arrives in cinemas on May 4th, 2018.