Watch Captain America Battle The Black Order In Latest Infinity War Clip


Flanked by two of his most trusted allies in Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) and Sam Wilson (Falcon), Captain America can be seen battling the Black Order in this newly-unveiled clip for Avengers: Infinity War.

Coming to us by way of Furious Trailer, this footage arrives on the heels of Good Morning Britain’s big reveal, one which had the Sorcerer Supreme dishing out some hard truths (and a little sass) to a snarky Stark, who either doesn’t realize the full gravity of the situation, or simply doesn’t want to admit that the world is, in fact, coming to an end.

And that’s not all. After precisely 18 movies of CG spectacle and carefully executed backstory, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is also nearing its grand finale – so far, at least – so expect a fair amount of death and heartbreak when Infinity War drops into theaters late next week.

Here’s the second of today’s clips, courtesy of Good Morning Britain:

True to their original promise, Joe and Anthony Russo have woven a fair amount of humor into Infinity War, which is an achievement in and of itself considering what’s at stake.

That threat can be traced all the way back to Thanos, Josh Brolin’s unruly Mad Titan who has only one mission – to wipe out half of the universe as part of a last-ditch attempt to save his ill-fated homeworld, Titan, from total annihilation. He still has to get past Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, mind you…

Expect Captain America and his close team of costumed compadres to light up the screen once Avengers: Infinity War begins its global rollout on April 27th, by which point we should have a better understanding of the sequel’s post-credits scene – or lack thereof.

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