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Avengers: Infinity War Is Coming To Netflix Next Month

It's been announced today that Avengers: Infinity War will be coming to Netflix in time for the Christmas Holidays – December 25th, to be specific.

Avengers: Infinity War, one of 2018’s most accomplished movies and the biggest cinematic endeavor in Marvel Studios history, is coming to Netflix next month.

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Over on Twitter, the online giant revealed that Infinity War will be available to stream from December 25th – just in time for the Christmas holidays. It’s unclear as yet if this will be exclusive to those in the United States, though we imagine Netflix will inform its users sooner rather than later with regards to Infinity War‘s (potential) international rollout.

This announcement comes in good time, too, as we’re seemingly on the verge of catching our very first peek at Avengers 4, the so-far untitled sequel to Infinity War. Suffice it to say, Marvel’s 2019 mash-up has been shackled with great expectations, but if the MCU’s track record is any indication, fans can feel pretty confident as we approach May 3rd, 2019.

But for the time being, a digital treat awaits…

December 25th; mark the calendar! Well, not that you need to, necessarily, but this is just another reason to get excited for Christmas Day and all the Marvel joy it’ll bring. Indeed, curious Netflix subscribers are beginning to wonder whether the arrival of Thanos will eradicate half of all content on the service – perfectly balanced, as all things should be. We joke, of course, but it’ll be good to see Marvel Studios’ greatest feat (so far) among the growing Netflix roster.

You’ve likely seen it 10 times already, but from December 25th, Avengers: Infinity War will be available to view via Netflix, ensuring you have plenty of MCU content to chew over in the build-up to Captain Marvel – not to mention that little-known Marvel sequel known only as Avengers 4… for now.