Turns Out Thanos Almost Went Shirtless In Avengers: Infinity War


You can stop with the Homer Simpson comparisons now, because under that sleeveless top, the Mad Titan is positively ripped. At least that’s what we gather from this newly shared Avengers: Infinity War concept art, which shows a wealth of different designs for Thanos, both in his clothing and in the details of his face.

Early on in the villain’s quest for the Infinity Stones, Thanos sheds most of his armor, but if the Marvel team had followed through on one early idea, it seems that the tyrant could have spent the rest of the movie with a completely unguarded torso. Then again, it may have always been the intention for the Titan to stay modest, and these illustrations were simply created to give the artists a sense of what sort of form they were working with.

Beyond that, we’re also seeing a whole load of images here for outfits that the character might’ve worn. Some of them make Thanos look like an intergalactic judo master; others seem fit for a Michael Jackson music video, but black and gold seem to be the dominant colors throughout.

In any case, the purple conqueror is far from the only character who could’ve looked very different in the recent Marvel megahit. In the last week, we’ve also seen a variety of designs for the first known victim of Thanos’ snap, Bucky Barnes, with one piece even suggesting that the Winter Soldier might have gone through his latest film with short hair and a non-Vibranium arm. Another batch of concept art shows Peter Parker in a diverse assortment of Iron Spider outfits, while Steve Rogers has been exhibited with a slightly more rugged look than the one that made the final cut.

All of these images should be available in the new Avengers: Infinity War artbook Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War – The Art of the Movie, which comes out on November 6th. But if you’d rather see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in live action form, Avengers 4 will be hitting theaters on May 3rd, 2019.