Avengers: Infinity War Ends Domestic Box Office Run With Fourth Highest Gross Of All-Time


The record-breaking Marvel monolith Avengers: Infinity War has officially brought its four-and-a-half-month-long box office roll to an end and, in true Marvel fashion, it’s shaken up the all-time domestic charts.

After Black Panther dominated the multiplexes for the first few months of 2018, its quasi-follow up has shoveled more money into Marvel’s seemingly bottomless pockets, with Box Office Report listing the film’s final tally at $678,815,482 million, the fourth highest domestic box office total ever.

With record shattering domestic and international debut numbers, the team-up pic managed to draw in enough moviegoers to usurp long standing financial royalty such as Titanic and its own fore father, 2012’s The Avengers. Unsurprisingly, Disney occupies three of the top five spots in the all-time table, with Black Panther placing one spot above Infinity War in third. Only James Cameron’s Avatar and the undisputed king of the North American box office, Star Wars: The Force Awakens finished their runs with higher totals.

Internationally, the movie places in the same spot, joining an elite club in the process with a worldwide gross of over $2 billion. It becomes one of just four films ever to surpass that benchmark, although it once again has to settle for a fourth-place finish behind The Force Awakens and James Cameron’s one-two punch of Titanic and Avatar.

As a franchise, the MCU firmly remains as the highest grossing series in history, with a cumulative gross of over $17.5 billion from 20 films, while Avengers; Infinity War marks the highest grossing entry in the franchise by over $500 million. With its sequel pegged for a May 2019 release, many analysts will already be looking to the follow-up to better its predecessor’s historic run, further cementing the MCU’s dominance over the global box office in the process.