New Avengers: Infinity War Continuity Error Discovered Regarding Ebony Maw’s Ship


Anyone who’s ever watched a Fast and Furious movie will know that the laws of physics can be somewhat flexible in the genre of Hollywood action blockbusters, so it would probably come as no surprise to learn that the recent Avengers: Infinity War may have had a slight lapse in consistency when it came to establishing the logic of space travel.

That’s what’s being suggested in a new post on Reddit, consisting of a captioned series of images from Tony Stark’s scenes on Ebony Maw’s ship. For those who don’t recall, a relatively early sequence in the MCU film sees Iron Man enter the vessel from the outside by cutting through the hull. After this gaping hole has been created, the air pressure seems to quickly stabilize in the ship’s interior, allowing Stark to remove his helmet.

Fair enough, but let’s now jump a little forward to when Tony and his buddy Spider-Man are rescuing Doctor Strange by creating a second hole in the ship. This time, Stark feels the need to seal the hole afterwards to stabilize the air pressure, seemingly contradicting the logic of the earlier scene.

Users on Reddit were quick to make the obvious counterargument: What if the first hole was sealed, but we just didn’t see it? This may have been Stark himself who applied the sealant off-camera or, as one user theorizes, the ship sealed itself with a secondary layer as part of its transition into deep space. In the latter case, it’s argued that creating the second hole required cutting through both layers, making manual repair necessary.

Regardless of what sounds the most credible to you, this probably won’t be the issue to make or break your enjoyment of Avengers: Infinity War, especially since we already know that the film isn’t 100% airtight when it comes to issues of continuity. In any case, we’ll be seeing Stark again when Avengers 4 comes out on May 3rd, 2019, and it’s going to take a lot more than hull sealant to repair the damage done at the end of his last movie.