Infinity War Star Anthony Mackie Weighs Up Falcon’s Chances Against Thanos


With Avengers: Infinity War now looming large over the horizon, it’s fair to say that Marvel Studios is about to roll the dice on one of the most ambitious – one of the most audacious – cinematic events ever attempted.

This is, after all, a movie which builds on 10 years’ worth of superhero drama for a crossover that is, frankly, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. And at the heart of that mind-boggling operation is Thanos, Josh Brolin’s glowering Mad Titan who has since been described as the lead character of Marvel’s Infinity War.

His mission? To collect all six Infinity Stones and wipe out half of humanity – half of the frickin’ universe – in an effort to save his homeworld and restore balance to the universe. And though the Avengers aren’t prepared for such a colossal threat, Anthony Mackie recently weighed up Sam Wilson’s chances against the Mad Titan.

Currently out promoting his role as the high-flying Falcon, Anthony Mackie told Cinema Blend that his on-screen Avenger will be calling upon his military experience when taking the fight to Thanos, a character whom he believes to be the undisputed protagonist of the Marvel tentpole.

One thing about Falcon I’ve always loved since the beginning of discovering this character is his military background, his belief that his job in life [is] to fight for his fellow man. So when he hears about those [situations] and his overall idea of world destruction, he’s very disheartened and shaken by it. He’s eager to get into the fight against this super evil, this diabolical demon known as Thanos.

Sam Wilson and his fellow crusaders will take up arms on April 27th, and you’ll be pleased to know that details of Avengers: Infinity War‘s official review embargo are now online. It’s happening, people!

Source: Cinema Blend