Avengers: Infinity War May Include A 30 Minute Battle Scene


Avengers: Infinity War is going to be one heck of a big movie. Not only will it feature Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – a rather large group in and of itself – but they’ll also be joined in their fight against big bad Thanos by a number of other characters. Spider-ManDoctor Strange, the Guardians of the Galaxy and more will all be showing up here. And if that wasn’t enough for you, there’s also the supporting players that have been confirmed for the flick (Man-Ape, Wong, Okoye, etc.) In short, if you’re in the MCU and still have a pulse, you’ll be involved in Joe and Anthony Russo’s blockbuster in some capacity.

It’s a lot to handle, to be sure, and though the directors proved themselves capable of juggling numerous plates in Captain America: Civil War, this is a whole different beast and it’ll be interesting to see how they balance everything out. To date, we still don’t know exactly how many characters the film will feature, but from what we’ve been hearing, it’s going to be a lot. And with so many heroes running around, that means we should expect some pretty epic battles as well, right?

While Civil War gave us that fantastic airport sequence, Infinity War will apparently go one step further, as according to Sebastian Stan and Don Cheadle, the film will feature a fight scene that’s even bigger than what we saw last time. Not only that, but it might run for 30-60 minutes. Don’t believe us? Hear what they have to say in the video below.

Of course, the actors are probably exaggerating a bit, as we don’t see there being any kind of scene running for that long. Still, there’s no doubt that the Russos will aim to top the airport battle and we’re beyond excited to see what they’ve dreamt up in order to do so.

Avengers: Infinity War has been scheduled for release on May 4th, 2018. There’s plenty to look forward to between now and then as well, what with both Thor: Ragnarok and Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther cramming up the pipeline, the latter of which has been compared to an “operatic family drama.” Suffice it to say, it’s a good time to be a Marvel fan.