Infinity War’s Josh Brolin Likens His Thanos Role To “Experimental Theater Piece”


Comic book fans had best get used to Josh Brolin.

Thanks to 20th Century Fox and its recent shake-up, there are now only two weeks separating the release of Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2, David Leitch’s star-studded sequel that heralds the arrival of Nathan Summers – the time-traveling bandit better known to you, I, and the Merc With a Mouth as Cable.

And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, Josh Brolin is also playing a little-known Marvel villain by the name of Thanos, whose presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been teased since as far back as 2012. It’s the role of a lifetime for the actor, who is expected to reprise as Marvel’s Mad Titan in time for Avengers 4. It’ll tend to unfinished business in 2019, but thanks to Brolin’s recent Instagram, we now have a little more insight into how the actor approached his MCU debut. And we mean his true, physical debut.

The imposing artwork sees worlds collide, as it renders Josh Brolin’s Thanos as the Clown Prince of Crime – why, exactly, we’re not sure, but it certainly compliments today’s fan video featuring the Justice League battling Marvel’s Mad Titan.

Elsewhere, here’s the caption pulled from Brolin’s latest Instagram, in which he compares his Thanos role to an “experimental theater piece.”

Doing Infinity War was like doing a limitless black box experimental theatre piece in the lower Eastside of New York City in 1975, mixed with Antonin Artaud, the living theatre, Grotowski’s Poor Theatre and a dash of punk rock acting surrounded by shiploads of talent.

Shiploads of talent, indeed. Word is Avengers: Infinity War features at least 76 characters, with 40 of those costumed crusaders expected to come together for a single battle scene – likely the siege on Wakanda.