Infinity War’s Karen Gillan Gets Candid About Working Within The MCU


With two screen credits already to her name, Nebula has undoubtedly cemented her place among fans as an MCU mainstay. And things are just getting started.

Thanks to the back-to-back release of Avengers: Infinity War and its untitled sequel, Karen Gillan’s blue-skinned space oddity, who, like Gamora, is actually an estranged step-daughter of Thanos, is about to light up theaters near and far.

But on a more personal level, Gillan was recently asked to pinpoint the most rewarding factor of being involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by the folks over at GameSpot, to which she replied:

Probably playing this particular character [Nebula]. I love my character so much. I am so invested in her whole backstory, her whole relationship with her sister, the relationship with her father [Thanos] that we’re definitely going to explore in the movies that are coming out soon, and so I think it all boils down to that.

She continued:

I just feel so lucky that I got this character who, you know, was initially a villain, and then we started to learn more about her, and then our view as the audience, I think, changed toward her. And she’s just such a well-written character that I feel like lots of people are getting invested in her along with me. And so I’m just so excited for everyone to see where she ends up.

And that’s really the most pressing question, isn’t it? When the dust settles and Thanos has been defeated, what will the future hold for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and their cosmic allies? Who knows, but it shouldn’t be too much longer before Marvel Studios serves up the answers fans so crave.

Expect Nebula and the Guardians of the Galaxy to form part of that immense 76-character ensemble when Avengers: Infinity War reaches theaters on April 27th.

Source: GameSpot