New Avengers: Infinity War Promo Contains A Sliver Of Never-Before-Seen Footage


“Groot, put that thing away!”

The latest TV spot for Avengers: Infinity War has arrived, and it contains a sliver of new footage of Star-Lord and Groot interacting on board the Milano.

As any Marvel enthusiast will tell you, Vin Diesel’s anthropomorphic tree has now reached adolescence – for the record, the moody sapling of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Infinity War is actually Groot’s son – and it appears the teenage Groot is prone to a tantrum or three, even muttering obscene language (“I am Groot!”) that can only be interrupted by his horrified crew members.

It makes for a brilliant character moment, though it’s unclear if this particular scene is lifted from early on in the film, and therefore before the Guardians encounter Chris Hemsworth’s dazed Thor, or towards the third act when the Milano and its crew are speeding toward Earth in order to join the fight against Thanos. You’ll also be able to catch a sneak peek of Scarlet Witch battling the Black Order in Edinburgh.

Yes, after casting a long, purple shadow over the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the past six years, Josh Brolin’s Mad Titan is about to take matters into his own hands as he begins to round up all six Infinity Stones – namely Time, Reality, Power, Mind, Space and the elusive Soul Stone, whereabouts unknown.

It’s definitely not in Wakanda, after Black Panther director Ryan Coogler confirmed as much back in February. Besides, Africa’s crown jewel will be too busy defending Vision (read: the Mind Stone) from invading forces, and if you’ve seen either of Infinity War‘s trailers, you’ll know that things are about to get hairy.

Building on 10 years and 18 films’ worth of backstory, Avengers: Infinity War promises to deliver the ultimate payoff on April 27th – or April 8th, if you happen to be among the fortunate few invited to Marvel’s fan screening in the United Kingdom.