An Adolescent Groot And The Shield-Less Cap Headline Avengers: Infinity War Promo Banner


Even after 10 years’ worth of superhero action and city-leveling spectacle, excitement for Avengers: Infinity War is beginning to reach a fever-pitch.

Of course, much of that infectious enthusiasm can be traced back to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, an eclectic, wonderfully diverse roster of costumed crusaders who have served as the beating heart of the MCU ever since its inception back in 2008. And make no mistake, we’ve come an awful long way since Tony Stark escaped that dingy cave in Afghanistan.

In the last decade, Robert Downey Jr.’s narcissistic genius has trumped Whiplash, battled sickness, and safely guided a nuclear warhead into outer space – something that still haunts Stark to this day. However, with interstellar threats closing in on planet Earth, Iron Man is about to come up against an otherworldly threat the likes of which he’s never seen before – Thanos, Marvel’s so-called Mad Titan who will stop at nothing to acquire all six Infinity Stones.

It’s up to Iron Man and the gang to confront Thanos and, hopefully, scupper his plans for galactic domination. And thanks to a newly-unveiled promo banner, today brings forth another sneak peek at Stark’s crusader alongside his loyal frenemy, Captain America, the blonde Black Widow and an adolescent Groot. Feast thy eyes:

You’ll also notice that Star-Lord is dressed in the same attire from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – hardly surprising, given James Gunn’s space-faring A-holes are said to hold a relatively minor role in the two-part extravaganza – while Spider-Man is equipped with an MCU version of the famous Iron Spider suit.

Once Black Panther has introduced Wakanda to the masses, Avengers: Infinity War will swoop into theaters on May 4th, and it may well feature Brie Larson’s supercharged Captain Marvel, after all. Failing that, there’s always the 76-character roster to look forward to, which is a pertinent reminder of Infinity War‘s immense, near-unprecedented scope.