Destiny Arrives In Avengers: Infinity War International Trailer


“Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe,” or so says Josh Brolin’s Thanos in this brand new, thrilling international preview for Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers: Infinity War, which is now only about 4 months away from hitting theaters. How exciting!

As far as this latest promo goes, it unfortunately doesn’t give us anything we haven’t already seen, instead using footage pulled from that record breaking first trailer and simply recutting it. Not to mention there’s also a foreign voiceover played on top of it for certain sections, along with a few subtitles, too.

That being said, when it comes to Infinity War, we’ll take whatever we can get our grubby little hands on and given that what we have here – though recycled – is so damn epic, we’re more than happy to watch this thing on repeat. Besides, it’s not like it spoils anything, anyways, and with Marvel clearly focused heavily on Black Panther at the moment, we don’t imagine we’ll be getting any new footage for at least another month. So again, we’ll gladly take it.

If nothing else, this trailer only has us even more hyped for what might just be “the biggest thing in film history.” Or at least, that’s according to Chris Hemsworth, who told The Toronto Sun the following this week:

“This is one of the biggest things in film history and to be a part of it was just incredible. I think what these characters are about to face — with Thanos — there’s been nothing quite like it. There are 76 cast members or something like that. I think what people are going to be excited about is what I was excited about and that’s Thor meeting the Guardians and Iron Man meeting Doctor Strange.”

Talk about bringing the hype. We’ll find out for ourselves what all the fuss is about when Avengers: Infinity War crashes into theaters on May 4th. And with Avengers 4 right around the corner, it’s fair to say that the MCU is about to undergo a radical shake-up – after Black Panther, of course, which is targeting a record-breaking opening weekend of its own.