Scarlet Witch Lights Up Wakanda In This New Avengers: Infinity War Still


“Why was she up there all this time?”

Though Wanda Maximoff initially vowed to defend Vision and the remnants of Wakanda during Avengers: Infinity War‘s finale, once the Mad Titan’s Outriders breach the outer perimeter, Elizabeth Olsen’s Avenger is left with no choice but to join her allies on the battlefield.

This eventually leads to the moment when Scarlet Witch seizes control of an alien harvester/death machine and steers it off-course, where it mows down a hoard of hapless Outriders. And it’s this precise moment that is captured down below, where you’ll see Infinity War‘s Elizabeth Olsen using her mind-bending abilities to turn the tide of battle – much to the amazement of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Okoye (The Walking Dead‘s Danai Gurira), who are still reeling from their clash with Black Order lieutenant Proxima Midnight.

This HD pic arrives in good time, too, what with Avengers: Infinity War on course for a digital release later this month. It’ll come packing an exclusive director’s roundtable with some of the MCU’s biggest filmmakers – Joe and Anthony Russo included – along with several deleted scenes, such as “Happy Knows Best,” “Hunt for the Mind Stone,” and “The Guardians Get Their Groove Back.” And, frankly, we’ll take anything we can get in order to ease the agonizing wait for Avengers 4.

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War has been scheduled for a Blu-ray release on August 14th, and while you may consider yourself to be a Marvel enthusiast, you probably haven’t seen Joe and Anthony Russo’s MCU crossover 101 times in theaters