Avengers: Infinity War Super Fan Has Now Seen It 101 Times


Breaking a box office record, or two, is no easy feat, but it’s something that Avengers: Infinity War did frequently this year – with ease, mind you. In fact, the Anthony and Joe Russo-directed blockbuster toppled so many ticket booth touchstones that Rotten Tomatoes compiled every box office record broken by the nineteenth MCU entry into a manageable laundry list, ideal for quick reference.

Still, it’d be nice if the titular supergroup could sit back, relax and watch someone else undertake the daunting task of breaking a record. Thankfully, then, for them at least, there’s a pretty crazy super fan out there who’s doing just that.

If you recall, last month, the web caught wind of Nem: The Infinity Watcher, a Marvel fan who’d bafflingly seen the film 43 times. Keep in mind, though, this was way back in June. Since then, that number’s ballooned. As of July 17th, Nem, AKA Tony Mitchell, has officially seen Infinity War…are you ready for this…101 times!

That’s right. With little to no regard for human life, much like a certain villain I could name, Nem has watched Infinity War 101 times. Unfortunately, after his most recent viewing, Tony was asked how many more times he planned on seeing the film, to which he replied: “Two more and I’m done, then I get my world record certificate.”

So sadly, it does appear that Nem will be tapping out soon, but what a journey it’s been. And even though it’s ending, Nem’s effort wasn’t in vain, seeing as it not only culminated in an invitation to the world premiere of Avengers 4, but also an invite to the set of the fourth supergroup installment, which came from Joe Russo himself. Not bad, eh?