Does The Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl Trailer Tease Vision’s Fate?


Wow. Just wow.

Not that we ever doubted them, but Marvel Studios knocked it out of the park tonight with their Super Bowl trailer for Avengers: Infinity War. Actually, trailer might not be the right word. At only 30 seconds in length, it was really more of a TV spot, but still, it was packed full of everything we were hoping to see and more, and the internet is still reeling from it. And we don’t blame them.

There’s been much to discuss, too. From Spidey in space to Cap’s new shield and Bucky’s upgraded arm, fans continue to pour over each and every frame, desperate to extract as much information as they can. Thankfully for them, there’s actually quite a lot packed into the fairly brief spot, and one thing that’s now sparked some interesting conversation is Vision’s fate.

You see, at one point in the promo, there’s a shot of Paul Bettany’s character walking down a hallway with Cap, Black Widow and Scarlet Witch. In and of itself, there’s nothing particularly shocking about that. But given what we know so far about Infinity War, it would seem that this scene occurs after Vision’s attacked by Corvus Glaive, which we saw in the film’s first trailer. As such, it stands to reason that the android actually survives that aforementioned encounter and comes out the other end with only an injury.

What’s unclear is if the Mind Stone is still in his forehead. After all, in the last preview we saw Glaive seemingly extract it. Or at least, he tried to. Clearly, Cap and Black Widow are able to help Vision and Scarlet Witch out and rescue them from their attackers. Without any further details, though, it’s hard to know what exactly happened in their battle. What we do know, though, is that according to a recent toy leak, this scene of them walking down the corridor takes place in Wakanda, which means that T’Challa and Shuri are probably the ones who help nurse Vision back to health.

Unfortunately, we’re still missing some pieces of the puzzle here, but if nothing else, this shot in the Super Bowl promo does seem to indicate that Bettany will stick around past the first act, and hopefully make it to the end credits. True, Vision has always been the one that fans predict may die, but with the assistance of his fellow Avengers, not to mention that Wakandan tech, he might just live past Avengers: Infinity War.