The Avengers: Infinity War Teaser Raises Big Question Marks Over One MCU Stalwart


Let me begin with a quick clarification: the Avengers: Infinity War teaser trailer spells trouble for all MCU characters – from Iron Man to Spidey to the blonde Black Widow, no one can escape the gravity of Thanos – but there are those who believe Loki is about to meet his maker.

Ever since Marvel’s God of Mischief first graced planet Earth in the original Avengers movie, Loki has been the villain everyone loves to hate (“mewling quim!”), but there’s a new big bad in town, and he’s brought friends. We are, of course, referring to Thanos, the purple-skinned Mad Titan played by Josh Brolin (Deadpool 2). Hoping to bring balance back to the universe – your guess is as good as ours – Thanos hopes to round up all six Infinity Stones to achieve absolute power, which steers him in the direction of Asgard.

That relentless search was woven into Thor: Ragnarok, given one of the threequel’s post-credits scenes showed Thanos’ ship tailgating one of the Asgardian escape pods. Why is the Mad Titan tracking down Loki? Well, as we learned during the Ragnarok finale, Hiddleston’s fan-favorite actually stole the Tesseract (Space Stone) during the evacuation of Asgard, while Infinity War‘s newly-unveiled teaser showed him handing it over to an unseen adversary – presumably Thanos.

This is where the theory really begins to divide people online. Whereas some believe Loki is surrendering the Tesseract as a means of getting on Thanos’ good side – providing the big purple beast has a ‘good side’ – there’s a small pocket of fans who think Loki will actually give his life in order to save the Asgardian refugees. What a way to go.

Again, this is merely a loose theory spun out of Infinity War‘s first teaser trailer, so it’s best taking this alleged story rumor with a grain of salt. Still, it’s fun to speculate on what is undoubtedly the biggest Marvel movie in the history of Marvel movies – and after 10 years of the MCU, that’s quite a statement.