Avengers: Infinity War’s Thanos Gets Awesome Logan-Style Trailer


What would it be like if Thanos wasn’t appearing as the villain in the massive crossover event that is Avengers: Infinity War but was instead leading his own gritty, down-to-earth movie? That’s just what this new fan-made trailer imagines as it casts the Mad Titan (Josh Brolin) in place of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in Logan, with Gamora in place of Laura AKA X-23.

The inspiration from this mock trailer comes from Infinity War‘s directors Joe and Anthony Russo. The duo shared Logan-style poster featuring a young Gamora clasping Thanos’ hand earlier this week, with the image coming from the recently released second trailer for the movie which contained a brief moment which teased that the villain has a heart after all, as he was seen holding his adoptive daughter’s hand in a flashback.

So, while we shouldn’t expect to see Stan Lee act as Thanos’ surrogate dad in Infinity War (though we would pay good money to), as in this trailer, the idea of the Mad Titan showing some humanity, or whatever the equivalent is for his species is, isn’t too far from the truth. The Russos have spoken a lot about how the character will be surprisingly “empathetic” in the movie, after all.

Part of this could come from exploring his relationship with Gamora. Back in Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos called Zoe Saldana’s hero his favourite daughter, but we’ve never seen the pair share the screen. In Infinity War, it might be that Thanos reveals he cares for Gamora in his own weird way. Though let’s not forget that he tortured her for years, so don’t expect him to sacrifice himself to save her like Logan did.

Either way, we’ll surely get to learn a lot more about Brolin’s Mad Titan next month, when Avengers: Infinity War crashes into theaters.