New Infinity War Theory Attempts To Get To The Bottom Of Loki’s Fake Out


“No resurrections this time…”

That’s Thanos there, telling Thor (and the audience!) that Loki really uttered his last breath during the opening moments of Avengers: Infinity War.

It was a brutal way to jump-start what is undoubtedly Marvel’s biggest ever movie, all the while cementing Thanos’ place as the MCU’s ultimate villain, one who’s able to unseat the reigning champion without so much as breaking a sweat. And while there have been numerous theories about Loki’s potential resurrection for Avengers 4 (or, by the same token, that he actually managed to survive Infinity War), a new video from Ryan Walsh (AKA Webhead) cuts through the white noise to claim that the God of Mischief really has passed over. Even if he deliberately sacrificed himself at the hands of Thanos.

Though it labors the point, Webhead’s seven-minute commentary rightly points out that Loki has tricked MCU viewers before (twice, actually) by faking his own death. Hell, he’s even ruled over Asgard while under the disguise of Odin.

But the video itself doesn’t provide any answers; if anything, it just raises more questions about Loki’s fate going into Avengers 4. Granted, those hoping that the tiny little background shadow is actually Tom Hiddleston’s trickster needn’t get their hopes up; as Webhead notes, anytime Marvel Studios foreshadows something big or alludes to an Easter egg – like, say, Howard the Duck in Guardians of the Galaxy – they’re usually in full focus, as opposed to some blurry little clue tucked away at the corner of the screen.

So maybe Thanos was right in saying that there will be no resurrections this time? We’ll find out once Avengers 4 debuts on May 3rd, 2019.