UK Audiences Will Be Able To See Avengers: Infinity War One Day Early


The UK release of Avengers: Infinity War has allegedly been brought forward to Thursday, April 26th, according to Yahoo Movies.

Marvel’s event pic was initially slated for a release on April 27th across the pond, and it was only when the Powers That Be announced plans to shift Infinity War‘s U.S. launch by one week – up from May 4th to that late-April corridor – that the release schedule was brought into alignment.

But this new scrap of intel puts some distance between Infinity War‘s debut overseas and its theatrical release in North America, which will no doubt leave U.S. viewers on tenterhooks as they wait patiently to see a Marvel cinematic crossover 10 years in the making.

However that may be, it’s been a busy, busy day in the Marvel camp, what with Entertainment Weekly blowing the lid of Joe and Anthony Russo’s supercharged epic to reveal new photos, new suits, and a very familiar Mad Titan, whose “horrific” masterplan will seemingly bring Earth (and perhaps the entire universe!) to its knees.

Without divulging too much, too soon, it’s a tactic that involves all six Infinity Stones and Thanos’ fabled home planet, Titan, which appears to be the Martian-like world glimpsed in that awesome first teaser trailer.

So, there you have it; if Yahoo Movies is on point, folks in the United Kingdom will be flocking to see all 156 minutes of Avengers: Infinity War from April 26th. That opens up a potentially precarious 24-hour window between the sequel’s debut and its arrival in North America, so perhaps a social media blackout is in order? We’ll leave that one to you.