Awesome Halloween Spoof Poster Pokes Fun At Friday The 13th


Filming on Blumhouse’s upcoming Halloween sequel has now reached the finish line ahead of the pic’s October 19th release.

After a relatively brief spell in front of the cameras, during which time Jamie Lee Curtis and other members of the cast shared scores of set photos, the team is now headed into post-production and over the next few months, we imagine that all sorts of official stills and, of course, a trailer or two will make their way online. It’s still early days, yes, but Blumhouse knows how eager fans are to see something – anything – from the pic and hopefully, they’ll start delivering the goods soon enough.

Until then, however, we’ve got an awesome new spoof poster courtesy of Twitter user CameraViscera, who’s decided to poke fun at none other than Jason Voorhees. As you’ll see in the gallery down below, this one-sheet is clearly a spin on that awesome poster for Jason Takes Manhattan, which had the titular killer slicing his way through some “I Love New York” art. Here, we have Michael instead of Jason and, of course, Illinois instead of NYC, making for a clever little twist on the original.

Again, this isn’t an official piece of marketing material and obviously doesn’t reveal anything from the upcoming sequel itself, but it’ll surely please fans of both franchises and if nothing else, should help tide us over until Blumhouse kicks off the promotional campaign in earnest – which will probably be in the next few months. At the very least, we’d expect to get some photos by April, with perhaps the first trailer coming in the spring. Fingers crossed, eh?

On October 19th, Laurie Strode will confront Michael Myers one last time when Halloween checks into theaters. Batten down the hatches, folks, for The Shape is coming to town.