Awesome What If…? Fan Art Imagines Live-Action Ultron Vision

What If Ultron

The ninth and final episode of Marvel’s What If…? brought the multiversal narrative to an action-packed conclusion, with the Watcher abandoning his oath not to directly affair in mortal affairs by assembling the Guardians of the Multiverse to combat the seemingly unstoppable threat of the Vision/Ultron hybrid powered by a full set of Infinity Stones.

It was a largely satisfying finale to a series that’s going to be a recurring and integral part of the Disney Plus lineup for years to come. Some characters made such an impact that fans would love to see them brought over to the live-action realm, with rumors already circulating that it might already be the case in a couple of instances.

What If…?‘s Ultron was a much bigger and more ominous threat than his James Spader-voiced counterpart, even if it would have been great to hear The Blacklist star return. While that wasn’t to be, new fan art from rahalarts imagines how Paul Bettany could look if the show’s big bad made his presence felt on the big screen, which you can see below.

Bettany has been teasing a return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe post-WandaVision, but it’ll probably be as the sentient White Vision rather than the Ultron hybrid. Which is a shame, because the multiverse means it wouldn’t be stretching the logic of the franchise to see it happen, and it’d be one hell of a threat for the Avengers to deal with.