Awesome What If…? Fan Poster Imagines Live-Action Marvel Zombies

A drawing of Zombie Captain America
Marvel Comics

The entire selling point of Marvel’s What If…? comes from infinite possibilities, with the Disney Plus series entirely predicated on telling stories or revisiting events from a different perspective that the cinematic universe wouldn’t even consider touching in live-action.

The show is multiversal in nature, so it’s technically official canon without having a direct impact on the overall mythology, and that allowed the nine episodes to take some unexpected twists and turns. One of the most notable saw Marvel Zombies brought to life, with the majority of the MCU’s most important heroes finding themselves transformed into shuffling hordes of the undead.

The entire setup is so insane that we’ll never see it happen in any other format than animation, but that hasn’t stopped digital artist ENCREATE from imagining it anyway, and you can check out the awesome results below.

The zombie genre is eternally beloved, as is the MCU, so it’s little wonder that the episode in question turned out to be one of What If…?‘s most popular installments. Hank Pym was to blame yet again, cementing him as one of the show’s main figures of scorn, but the surviving superheroes still managed to save the day in the end before the Marvel Zombies made a brief cameo in the Season 1 finale.