Watch: New What If…? Promo Teases Marvel Zombies Reality

What If...?

This week’s episode of Marvel’s What If…? unveils an alternate reality fans have been waiting for since we got our first look at the animated anthology series. The first scraps of footage from the show revealed that it would be adapting the popular Marvel Zombies comics, exploring a dark version of the MCU where Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have become Earth’s Hungriest Zombies.

Ahead of the episode’s premiere tomorrow, Marvel has released a new promo which offers our best look yet at how the undead virus spreads through the heroes’ ranks, as well as revealing where this episode takes place in the franchise’s timeline.

The promo opens with a very TVA-like display explaining that the episode will follow Bruce Banner’s return to Earth to warn the planet of Thanos’ incoming arrival, as seen in Avengers: Infinity War. However, instead of just finding that the Avengers had split up, like in the movie, Banner discovers the world’s succumbed to a zombie epidemic. “What the hell happened to the neighborhood?” as he puts it.

Subsequent clips reveal Captain America and Iron Man battling the zombies before being overwhelmed. Interestingly, an undead Hank Pym is the one to attack Cap. He’s in his Quantum Realm suit, which might indicate he’s brought the virus with him from the Microverse. Is Hank going to be the villain of the piece for the second episode this season?

While Cap and Iron Man failed, there will be some heroes left still standing. There’s Hulk for one, while the end of the promo sees Okoye and Peter Parker staring down a zombie horde. Previous trailers have also seen Bucky Barnes facing off against Zombie Steve. But will they win out in the end or is this going to be the third episode in a row to have a dark, death-filled ending?

Don’t miss What If… Zombies? this Wednesday on Disney Plus.