6 Appropriately Awkward Sex Scenes


1) Bridesmaids

Sex is one of those strange activities that seems like one thing when people are engaged in it and something completely different when viewed from the outside. That is to say, when you zoom out from it, most of what people do in their bedrooms is a little ridiculous. Which is why it’s such rich material for comedy. It’s an easy target.

Kristen Wiig takes advantage of this in Bridesmaids in the opening scene with co-star Jon Hamm, setting the tone for the entire movie really. We’re laughing the moment we see Hamm’s hilarious facial expression, through their bizarre bodily contortions and movements (“I think we’re on different rhythms here”), right up to Hamm’s insane laugh to cap it all off. I think it’s safe to say Hamm steals the scene, but Wiig as screenwriter and straight man, or straight woman I guess, deserves the credit for it ultimately.

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