‘Batgirl’ director responds to criticism of the costume with Batman meme


Warner Bros. and DC Films opted to get ahead of the gathered throngs pointing their cellphones at the Glasgow set of Batgirl by releasing the first official image of star Leslie Grace in costume as Barbara Gordon, and it largely went down a treat.

However, because this is a blockbuster comic book adaptation we’re talking about, there were of course the inevitable naysayers who blasted the title hero’s look, claiming that it looked more like somebody cosplaying at Comic-Con than the star of an action-packed comic book adaptation that’s set to feature nods to many integral aspects of Gotham City lore.

Taking it in his stride, co-director Adil El Arbi responded to the detractors on Instagram by posting a very on-brand meme, as you can see below.

People can often be too critical of something they know very little about, especially when it takes place in a huge franchise with fans all over the world, and Batgirl definitely ticks that box.

Sure, some folks might not be sold on Grace’s outfit just yet, but there’s still plenty of reasons to be excited about a DCEU movie that comes bearing Brendan Fraser as the villain, not to mention another return for Michael Keaton’s Batman.

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