Batgirl Directors Confirm That Batman Will Appear In The Movie

Michael Keaton Batman

On the surface, HBO Max’s Batgirl looks as though it’ll technically be part of the SnyderVerse, with J.K. Simmons set to return as Commissioner Gordon, who we met for the first and so far only time in both editions of Justice League.

However, the rumor mill regarding Batman has leaned more in the direction of Michael Keaton than Ben Affleck, even though we didn’t know up until now that the Dark Knight was even going to show up in the streaming exclusive. Directors Billall Fallah and Adil El Arbi have been happy to share behind-the-scenes images, but they’ve been keeping plot specifics close to their chest.

That being said, they did let the bat out of the bag slightly when asked by VRTNWS if Batman was going to swoop in for a cameo appearance. The Bad Boys for Life duo confirmed that the Caped Crusader was involved, but when pressed to identify the actor in question, they simply laughed and said “the real one”.

It isn’t going to be Robert Pattinson, so it’s a toss-up between Affleck and Keaton. It all depends on the outcome of The Flash, with DC Films president Walter Hamada confirming last year that Tim Burton’s Batman would be the canonical version moving forward, so the Scarlet Speedster’s solo debut could end up shifting the entire mythology as we know it to have the SnyderVerse’s Commissioner Gordon coming face-to-face with a costumed crime-fighter who’s older than the mustachioed cop is in Batgirl.