Michael Keaton Set To Become Main Batman In DCEU Timeline, Not Ben Affleck

Batman Returns

It’s fair to say that nobody was expecting the bombshell announcement that Michael Keaton is set to reprise the role of Bruce Wayne for the first time since 1992 in The Flash. How exactly his Batman will factor into things still remains unclear, but we know that he’ll be taking on a Nick Fury-like role as a veteran mentor to young Barry Allen.

Apparently, the film will see the titular hero go back in time in an effort to prevent the death of his mom, which leads to him creating another universe and it’s here that we’ll meet Keaton, with his Caped Crusader being the protector of this alternate reality. Not only that, but we’re now learning that he’ll actually become the main Batman in the DCEU timeline as well eventually, rather than have Ben Affleck or even Robert Pattinson take on that particular role.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Warner Bros. exec Walter Hamada revealed that there will be multiple versions of the hero within the DC Extended Universe soon, saying:

“Coming up, for instance, Warner Bros. will have two different film sagas involving Batman — played by two different actors — running at the same time.”

Obviously, this caused a bit of confusion, but the writer behind the interview, Brooks Barnes, hopped on Twitter shortly after to explain that these two Dark Knights will be Keaton and Robert Pattinson and it’s the former who’ll be the main Batman moving forward, given that Pattinson’s version exists in a separate continuity and Affleck is being phased out after his return in The Flash. Or that’s how it looks, at least, given that the two Batmen that Hamada is referring to don’t include Big Ben.

Insider Grace Randolph is singing a similar tune as well, saying:

Tell us, though, are you happy to see Michael Keaton become the DCEU’s main Batman in place of Ben Affleck? Or were you hoping for more from the latter following his comeback in The Flash? Let us know down below.

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