Michael Keaton’s Batman Will Reportedly Be The DCEU’s Nick Fury

Batman Returns

If you’ve been scrolling through the web today, you may have caught the surprising news that Michael Keaton is in talks to don Batman’s cowl once more, with multiple appearances in the DCEU lined up, starting with The Flash. You can get more on that here, but in this piece, we’ll be looking at a key line from the Deadline report that broke the story, concerning what Keaton’s role in the franchise might be.

They claim that, should the actor agree to return, his Batman will take on something of a Nick Fury-type role. What would that mean? Well, Nick Fury performs a key function for the MCU, one that’s been missing from the DCEU until now. He’s the glue that holds the many Marvel sub-franchises together, lending them continuity without which the entire enterprise could feel like a fragmented mess. Warner did attempt to fashion Jeremy Irons’ Alfred in that image in their Avengers-lite superflop Justice League, but this time, they look like they’ll be following through on it.

Bringing back Michael Keaton would certainly be left-field, but there’s more logic behind it than you’d think. Immediately establishing a character’s importance without any backstory requires the kind of gravitas that not just any old serial-fodder can deliver. That’s why Marvel turned to Samuel L Jackson when casting Fury. Keaton isn’t a like-for-like, but his history is crucial. By bringing his Batman back to the future, DC could have a ready-made elder statesman of superheroes, one who’ll need no time to establish his credentials.

How would you feel about Michael Keaton returning to the Caped Crusader once more, though? Drop a comment with your thoughts below. It’s been almost 3 decades since we last saw his Batman on our screens and it might not be much longer till we see his Batman return(s). Sorry, couldn’t resist. Amazed it took me till the last line for it to come to me.