‘Batgirl’ set detail updates us on what DCEU Lex Luthor is doing now

Lex Luthor

Zack Snyder’s Justice League featured a post-credits sequence in which Lex Luthor relaxes on a yacht, musing on what he might do with “a league of our own.” Given the subsequent change of direction from Warner Bros., we’ll probably never know precisely what this would’ve entailed. Worse, we probably won’t see Jesse Eisenberg’s return as Luthor, as he’s reportedly lost interest in the role and the studio has no plans for him to reappear.

Now, a new picture from the Batgirl shoot may give us a hint as to what happened after Steppenwolf’s invasion of Earth. A newsstand features an issue of the ‘Gotham Tattler’ featuring a story about the villain.

Check it out:

There are a couple of interesting implications related to this cover. First up, they’ve misspelled Luthor’s name as “Luther”, which feels a little careless even for a gossip rag. Secondly, the events on the cover refer to the status quo right after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – including witness testimonies from the Capitol Building Bombing and Luthor being imprisoned.

But, very confusingly, the issue is clearly dated “November 2022”. Batman v Superman took place in the mid-2010s, so something’s gone screwy with the timeline here. Chances are this prop is just a piece of background color, and the person designing it didn’t put a lot of thought into where it fits into DCEU continuity.

Regardless of all that, it’s nice that someone at Warner Bros. is still burning a candle for Eisenberg’s Luthor and Batman v Superman as a whole. Let’s hope these whispers of the Snyderverse continue and that one day we can finally wrap up his epic DC story.

Batgirl will release on HBO Max in late 2022.