‘Batgirl’ set pics reveal a snow-filled Gotham City

Brendan Fraser might be serving as the movie’s main villain Firefly, but these new set pics from HBO Max’s upcoming Batgirl make it look like Mr. Freeze has been on the scene. In the Heights breakout star Leslie Grace is joining the DCEU as Barbara Gordon in the heroine’s first-ever cinematic solo outing, with production getting underway on the project back in November over in Glasgow, which previously doubled for Gotham City in The Batman.

The latest snaps from the streets of the Scottish city reveal that they’ve been transformed into a snow-filled wonderland for the movie, which indicates that Batgirl will be set in the winter, maybe even the holidays. Are DC going to offer up yet another festive comic book flick? Why do superheroes and Christmas fit so well together?

The photos, which you can check out over at The Glasgow Times, showcase the camera crew dressing up the sidewalk and cars with fake snow and ice to ram home the wintery vibe. These images follow on from co-director Bilall Fallah’s earlier glimpse of Barbara Gordon’s desk at the GCPD which was decorated with Christmassy tinsel.

Yes, in contrast to the comics, it looks like Babs will be portrayed as a police officer in the DCEU, just like her dad, Commissioner Jim Gordon. J.K. Simmons is reprising his role as Batman’s confidante in Batgirl, thereby tying the film into the Snyderverse and not The Batman-verse, despite their shared shooting location.

Fallah’s set pic also featured what could be a wheelchair behind Officer Gordon’s desk, hinting that the movie could explore Barbara’s paralysis in some way. With these teases about its heroine and the promise of a Christmas setting, we’re starting to build up a decent idea of what we’ve got ahead of us when Batgirl eventually arrives on HBO Max, whenever that may be.