Batgirl Star Leslie Grace Shares Cryptic Batman Details

With Batgirl now filming, Barbara Gordon herself⏤In the Heights‘ Leslie Grace⏤has taken to social media to share some photos from her time in Glasgow. The Scottish city is once again doubling for Gotham City following production on The Batman previously being based there. Speaking of the Dark Knight, one of the images Grace has shared may give us a clue as to how he’ll figure into the HBO Max movie.

As you can see via the tweet thread below, none of Grace’s pics were spoiler-y, but one potentially gives fans some clues to work with. One pic showcases a note left on top of a black T-shirt that reads “Batman comic, late 70’s or early 80’s.” The message appears to be written by Grace’s partner, Ian Eastwood.

Desperate for some hints at what the film might entail, DC fans are debating the meaning of this note. One interpretation is that Grace is doing research for the project, which includes reading a mystery comic that came out around that period. This could give us an indication of how Batgirl will be portrayed in the DCEU flick and possibly also Batman himself, whichever incarnation of the character that is.

When asked whether Ben Affleck or Robert Pattinson could cameo, directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have previously stated that the “true” Batman would appear. Seeing as J.K. Simmons is playing Barbara’s father Jim Gordon in the film⏤following his debut in the Affleck-led Justice League⏤many have taken that as confirmation that Affleck is set to return. If that’s true, it would conflict with reports that The Flash is his last time donning the cape and cowl.

Also starring Doom Patrol‘s Brendan Fraser as villain Firefly and Jordan Scipio in an unknown co-lead role, Batgirl is just one of several HBO Max-exclusive DC movies on the way, alongside Blue Beetle and Black Canary.