Batman And Alfred Have A Chat In Leaked Photo From Snyder’s Justice League Cut


While Warner Bros. may remain adamant that they have no plans to release the fabled Snyder Cut of Justice League, it’s starting to look as if we’ll soon be able to assemble our own version given the amount of stuff that has and continues to leak.

Today’s glimpse is especially interesting, as we’ve got a still of Ben Affleck’s Batman/Bruce Wayne and Jeremy Irons’ Alfred having some kind of very serious discussion. While Alfred holds the cowl under his arm, the half-destroyed mech Bat-suit from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice ominously occupies the background.

To me, this looks like some more fleshing out of Bruce’s guilt over his actions in BvS. After all, we know that this version of Batman (in keeping with multiple other continuities) likes to remind himself of his failures by keeping reminders on display in the Batcave – see the ominously damaged Robin suit with “Hahaha Joke’s On You Batman” scrawled on it in yellow paint. We also know that the Caped Crusader is trying to atone for his part in the death of Superman, with this prop adding some subtlety and texture to the character.

And, let’s face it, if there was one thing the final cut of Justice League was in desperate need of, it was subtlety and texture. No doubt Warner Bros., spooked by the critical mauling that Batman V Superman received, were eager to move the DCEU on from that film’s portentous, doom-laden tone and inject some more lightness and humor into the universe. And with that in mind, there’s going to be little room for an introspective, thoughtful and guilt-ridden Batman.

I still hold out hope that we’ll eventually see the Snyder cut of Justice League, but I don’t think it’s going to be anytime soon. Once the current crop of Warner Bros. executives have moved on or retired, though, we might just get someone who thinks it deserves a second chance. Fingers crossed, eh?