The Batman Easter Egg Hints That Wally West Is The Flash In Pattinson’s Universe

The Batman

While the DCEU is set to have three different actors grace the big screen as the Dark Knight in 2022, Robert Pattinson’s The Batman will exist in a separate corner of the franchise from The Flash, which will see both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck dust off the cape and cowl. With the multiverse set to reinvent Warner Bros.’ comic book series from the ground up, though, future crossovers can never be ruled out.

Matt Reeves is clearly positioning his reboot to be independent from the shared mythology, but that hasn’t stopped him from hinting that there are more costumed crime fighters in his world outside of Gotham. Recent set photos showed extras dressed as Superman and Wonder Woman for a Halloween party, for instance, which would indicate that both of them are out there somewhere.

Further Easter Eggs revealed more hints to DC’s extended roster of heroes as well, and one that showed The Flash’s logo could be a clue that Wally West is the Scarlet Speedster in The Batman‘s universe and not Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen.

As you can see above, the lightning bolt is based on the design that Wally West has sported on various costumes over the years in the comic books, and Miller’s Flash has already adopted the insignia frequently and specifically linked to Barry Allen. Of course, there’s every chance that these teases will be nothing more than background sight gags, especially when The Batman is making such a concerted effort to reinvent the Caped Crusader once again, but it’s certainly interesting to think about.

In any case, Warner Bros. and DC would surely love to have all of the various offshoots of their superhero output connected in some fashion, and with the multiverse incoming, it can’t be ruled out that the Pattinson-verse has Wally West and the mainline DCEU has Ezra Miller as their respective iterations of The Flash.