The Batman Set Photo May Reveal When The Movie Takes Place

The Batman

Most people are already longing for the days of last year, before the Coronavirus pandemic came along and changed the world as we knew it, drastically altering everyone’s way of life in the process. It appears that Matt Reeves might feel the same, because The Batman will reportedly be set in 2019, after a recent set photo revealed that the Gotham City taxis have a medallion licensing them for that year.

Of course, this could always just be art that was created back then for the purpose of being slapped onto the side of a cab that has absolutely no bearing on when the movie is set at all, especially when the Dark Knight is more likely to be perched on the rooftops gliding down to street level for a superhero landing than standing at the side of the road trying to hail a taxi.

In any case, with The Batman having been delayed once again, we won’t see Robert Pattinson’s rebooted Caped Crusader back on our screens until March 2022, and even with the DCEU’s multiverse set to enter full swing eight months later when The Flash arrives, the more likely scenario is that nobody in the movie will mention the year once to give the reboot a timeless quality that doesn’t link it to any specific period.

Then again, the most recent set photos have hinted that Superman exists in The Batman‘s universe as well, which is not a part of the main continuity that Henry Cavill’s Big Blue Boy Scout is in, and until someone at Warner Bros. releases some kind of infographic, we’ll just have to piece together the disparate timelines of the DCEU as best we can.