Robert Pattinson Returns As Bruce Wayne In New Batman Set Photos

The Batman

Robert Pattinson has been glimpsed on the set of The Batman for the first time since production was halted due to the star testing positive for COVID-19. Filming shut up shop in the UK for a couple of weeks last month before resuming and recently, the shoot moved into the heart of Liverpool, giving us a new look at Pattinson in character as Bruce Wayne.

With lengthy, dark locks, the actor was captured dressed all in black for a funeral. The major scene saw various cast members and extras involved and a framed photo of Rupert Penry-Jones’ character was on display on the set, surrounded by wreaths and flowers – so it’s easy to guess whose funeral it is. We can infer, then, that this individual is another of Gotham City’s elite that Paul Dano’s Riddler has murdered.

Check out the set photos below:

As you can see, one of the pics reveals our first look at Bruce Wayne’s car. We’ve already seen the Batmobile, but this is one of the many vehicles that the billionaire playboy drives around in during the day. Still, as you can tell, with its sleek design and paint job, the car definitely has a similar feel to the Batmobile.

Assuming there aren’t two major funeral scenes in the film, this is presumably a pick-up of the same sequence that we’ve already glimpsed in the movie’s trailer. If you’ll recall, Pattinson was shown, in a look matching this one, to save a young boy from the path of an SUV that ploughed into the memorial service. It’s believed that the wild driver is Peter Sarsgaard’s character. But is he acting alone, or working on the orders of the Riddler?

It’s certainly exciting to get this fresh glimpse of filming, but it also reminds us that we’ve got a long while to wait until we can see the finished product. The Batman was first moved to October 2021 following the pandemic, but it was recently pushed back again to March 4th, 2022.