Batman V Superman Director Zack Snyder Defends The Martha Scene


This past weekend, fan-favorite director Zack Snyder took to Vero (h/t CinemaBlend) to host a live commentary screening of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the crossover event once hailed as the crux of the DC Extended Universe.

Alas, things didn’t turn out exactly as planned, but that hasn’t stopped Dawn of Justice from becoming something of a cult favorite among comic book movie fans.

Even now, more than four years after release, Batman V Superman is still discussed at length by diehard DC fans, most of whom came together on Sunday evening for the chance to interact with Zack Snyder himself. And sure enough, the filmmaker solicited all sorts of questions about Batman, Superman and everything in between – including that by-now infamous Martha scene, which Snyder defended as so:

He’s basically turned into the murderer of his parents. He’s allowing them to kill Martha. He’s blinded by his hatred. He’s become the thing he hates.

Other DC-related tidbits to emerge from Zack Snyder’s surprise commentary include the director’s hopes for a full-blown Dawn of Justice/Man of Steel supercut, along with an innocent joke that Warner Bros. should push ahead with a direct sequel to Batman V Superman.

To say this is wishful thinking would be to deal in wild understatement; not only did Batman V Superman and its much-maligned follow-up, Justice League, fall far below expectations, but Warner Bros. is doubling down on big, colorful adventures featuring characters beyond the confines of Metropolis and Gotham. Which is to say that the immediate future of DC’s movie slate will be dominated by Shazam!, Wonder Woman and the Suicide Squad.

There is, of course, the billion-dollar success of Joker to keep in mind, but it’s become pretty clear that Warner Bros. will avoid big budget crossover events for quite some time – save for James Gunn’s Suicide Squad movie, of course. Expect that one to arrive in 2021.

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