Zack Snyder Jokes That WB Should Make A Sequel To Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman

Zack Snyder recently held a livestream event on social media to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and in what might have been a subtle jab at his former employers, he decided to use the Ultimate Edition of the movie.

Snyder is no stranger to having his original vision for the DCEU being heavily compromised, of course, with his planned five-movie arc for Justice League reportedly being cut short in an effort to build to the franchise’s version of the Avengers as soon as possible. Then there’s the continued speculation surrounding the fabled Snyder Cut, with reports varying on exactly how much of the director’s footage actually made it into the theatrical release after he left the project, which he continues to tease online in an effort to keep the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement alive as fans constantly bombard Warner Bros. in support of it.

Right at the end of the aforementioned livestream though, Snyder took another shot at the studio’s expense, joking that somebody should make a sequel to Batman V Superman before the feed was not-so-coincidentally cut off.

“You know what, they should make a sequel to this movie someday, that would be amazing. That would really be something else. Yeah, I want to know what happens to these guys. I mean, don’t they eventually, I don’t know, form some…”

He might have been making light of the situation, but you can read between the lines and see that Snyder is basically admitting that very little of his creative intent for Justice League made it into the finished product. He may have still been the credited director, but you can tell from both the extensive reshoots that took place and how inconsistent the theatrical cut is that it was hastily reassembled with Joss Whedon at the helm. Maybe one day though we’ll get to see how the planned follow-up to Batman v Superman was originally supposed to turn out.