Justice League Snyder Cut Fans Troll HBO Max Instagram Page

batman justice league

After Matt Reeves revealed the new Batsuit for the upcoming film The Batman, Justice League Snyder Cut fans renewed the campaign to see the director’s version of the superhero motion picture and now, their efforts have made their way to HBO Max’s Instagram account, where the WarnerMedia-owned service was overwhelmed with tons of comments, frequently including the hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut.

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of requests for the Snyder Cut to become available, and if it were going to happen, the most logical place would be to stream it on the new service coming out this May. It would definitely draw in consumers and satisfy a lot of demanding fans. Whether this tactic works or not has yet to be seen, of course, but it does get the message across that these individuals are very passionate about Justice League.

In fact, Comicbook.com made a video to accurately illustrate the social media mayhem, which you can check out below:

Justice League was a colossal disappointment and it’s understandable that fans want to erase that awful memory with the belief that there’s a better iteration in existence. But it’s hard to imagine Snyder’s cut being much better than the original. Batman V Superman was way off the mark and indicated that the auteur did not understand the character of the Dark Knight at all. While he did do a decent job with Man of Steel, if he couldn’t figure out the Caped Crusader, chances are pretty slim he’d know what to with the Justice League.

But it would be interesting to see his vision come together regardless of how flawed it may be. It’s doubtful it’ll ever see the light of day, and there’s really no proof that it actually exists at all. Whether we’ll ever see it or not remains unknown then, but what we do know is that the people that want it will not give up the fight so easily.

In any case, it may be a while before fans get another Justice League movie, let alone the Snyder Cut, but in the meantime, everyone can enjoy other great DC titles like Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, which is in theaters now and Wonder Woman 1984, which releases on June 4th.